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The following is a collection of the “best of” my recommendations from my previous home.

Just thought I’d share a collection of all my crytpocurrency recommendations I’ve written about in my blog on it’s previous home…  I’d really like to hear anyone’s input on ANY (or ALL if you’ve tried them) of these: 

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency or want to set up a wallet, I’m going to recommend you check out Coinbase as they offer cryptocurrency (I’ve personally gotten over $75 recently from them JUST for learning about cryptocurrencies)

We all use browsers – from Facebook or Google, “Adult Videos” (c’mon some of us do – lol) to Youtube, to just checking something out. If we use one ANYWAYS why not get paid to do it AND have an opportunity to make money while doing it without changing our browsing habits? Cryptotab is your solution. Works on PCs, phones and ….. anywhere you use a browser.

A new wallet you may want to check out is called “Civic“. Early adopters get a 25,000 CVC bonus … no idea if it will rock or not. 

I’ve managed to stumble across an amazing social media platform, Cent, which allows you to make money/cryptocurrency off of the content you post… 

Since games are pretty self explanatory, you play them and win coins you can send to a wallet — here’s some of my favorite as they ACTUALLY work (there are a lot of scams), I’ve also included my referral code to help boost your earning potential: (ALL have been tested and payout for me with my Android)

Free Bitcoin
Blockchain Game
Free Litcoin
Free Bitcoin Cash

Pop Stellar

Not games but close (cloud miners, cloud mining simulators or phone miners)

Bitcoin Miner
(Please use my referral code 7UZUA5TI)
Cloud Earning Phoneum
(Use code 7A7C38 to speed up earnings.. pays out every 100 “electroneum”)
Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network. To join Pi, follow this link and use my username (chrislautischer) as your invitation code. It currently is in the ideal phase to earn the most money long term!!!

Last, if you want to try mining BEFORE you invest in equipment (or just want to use 1 — or more, computers or PCs) check out Cudominer and Honeyminer


PLEASE let me know if you know of or recommend anything I should check out!!! 

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